Kansas DUI Impact Center

About Us

The Kansas DUI Impact Center reduces the traumatic effect a drunk driving crash has on victims and their families and increases awareness of the human consequences of drunk driving.

FamilyDriving drunk is a choice. It is a choice that kills, maims, and injures innocent people. We are challenged as never before to keep our community roads safe.

When we help the DUI crime victim and their families move through the judicial system as a means of expressing anger and shun violence, we have made the world a more peaceful place to live.

When we help youth become responsible, educated drivers and prevent underage drinking, we have improved that youth, and tomorrow's families.

When a severely disabled person learns to put a purpose to the loss of lifestyle and the powerless feeling of victimization, we unlock a fully productive individual.

Help us help those who are victims of the number one judicial and social problem faced by our society -- child by child, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

The Kansas DUI Impact Center of Kansas was started in 1987 by executive director, Mary Ann Khoury, after a childhood friend, three months pregnant with her third child, was hit by a repeat offending drunk driver who ran through a red light in Wichita. The friend and unborn child were in a coma for over two months before passing away. Khoury, who was also hit by a drunk driver in 1971, realized there were no support groups or help for victims of drunk driving automobile crashes in the Wichita, Sedgwick County area. She decided something had to be done.

As the inquiry began, persons in Law Enforcement, Prevention, Intervention, Education, Treatments, Victim Services, etc. were all contacted to detect the real need for assisting DUI victims. After countless hours of research, and abundant support from family and friends, the Kansas DUI Impact Center of Kansas was established. Although it took several years, the Center has evolved from a family room and an answering machine, to a downtown office with a full time staff. The Kansas DUI Impact Center of Kansas is now the only comprehensive program in the Wichita and Sedgwick County area, with expanding programs throughout the state, providing services to victims of DUI crimes.

While still concentrating on victim services, other important focuses today are education and prevention.

Our office is located at 355 N. Waco, Suite 220 in Wichita, Kansas 67202. You may reach us by phone at (316)262-1673 or by e-mail.